• 3 of America’s Most Haunted Places

    3 of America’s Most Haunted Places

    The fearsome reputations surrounding certain historic – and often abandoned – places mean it doesn’t need to be Halloween for ghosts and ghouls to come crawling out of the woodwork. These three venues, where the spirits of the dead reportedly run riot in a ghastly ghostly carnival, might offer the more supernaturally minded among you some ideas for where to explore – or to stay well away from…

  • Stalin’s “Railway of Bones”

    Stalin’s “Railway of Bones”

    It was doomed to be an unfinished project that would claim almost 15,000 lives. Today the remains of Stalin’s vast railway, which was set to run within the Arctic Circle from Salekhard to Igarka, can be found rusting in the icy tundra. History would later remember it as the “railway of bones”.

  • Punuk Islands: The Graveyard of the Bering Sea

    Punuk Islands: The Graveyard of the Bering Sea

    There’s something deeply unsettling about an isolated cluster of islands that is also a natural graveyard. But thanks to the strong Bering Sea currents, the Punuk Islands have become the final resting place of both man and beast.

  • The Abandoned City of Pripyat

    The Abandoned City of Pripyat

    As seen in this earlier post, there are numerous reasons why settlements become deserted and are reduced to ghost towns. Depletion of natural resources, surplus industry and lawlessness have all contributed to settlers uprooting themselves and their families and moving on. But sometimes disasters on an unprecedented scale can lead to larger urban areas – even whole cities – being abandoned.

  • Little John’s Grave and the Robin Hood Connection

    Little John’s Grave and the Robin Hood Connection

    The Peak District in Northern England is an ancient landscape steeped in myth and legend, none more enduring than that of Robin Hood. Robin’s friend Little John appears alongside him in early accounts dating from 1420 to 1440, and a headstone in Hathersage churchyard is even marked with his name.

  • Another Place: Artistic Statues by Antony Gormley

    Another Place: Artistic Statues by Antony Gormley

    Another Place is a sculpture by Antony Gormley, consisting of 100 cast iron figures facing out to sea. The statues, like much of his work, are modelled on Gormley himself, and can be found at Crosby Beach near Liverpool, on England’s north west coast. They cover a two mile stretch of beach and emerge eerily from the sea as the tides retreat.

  • Intriguing Wild West Ghost Towns

    Intriguing Wild West Ghost Towns

    Ghost towns abound across the world but seldom are they more intriguing than in western United States, where former mining towns played host to the pioneers of their day. Other towns grew up around the railroad, as civilisation gradually spread from the eastern seaboard to the Wild West. Reasons for their abandonments are wide and varied, from the inherent lawlessness of the era to the depletion of natural resources. Whatever the reasons, ghost towns provide a fascinating glance into our history.

  • Great Industrial Pubs of Sheffield, UK

    Great Industrial Pubs of Sheffield, UK

    Back in the glory days of manufacturing and heavy industry, that timeless beacon of Britishness – the pub – served not only residential communities but industrial areas too. Pubs catered to factory workers and became important meeting places for factory bosses. The constant supply of people filtering through these watering holes ensured a prosperous trade. Today, few of these pubs remain. But some have managed to hang on, be it by their finger tips or with new leases of life.



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