• The A1 Lightning: Britain’s Most Famous Derelict Fighter Plane

    The A1 Lightning: Britain’s Most Famous Derelict Fighter Plane

    Famous landmarks like the Angel of the North and Durham cathedral are well known sights to drivers on the A1. But few would expect a derelict Cold War fighter plane to have found a place amongst the giants of art and architecture. Once the workhorse of British air defence against the Soviet Union during the 1960s and ’70s, the rusting hulk now stands more as a testament to the ravages of time and vandalism.

  • Intriguing Wild West Ghost Towns

    Intriguing Wild West Ghost Towns

    Ghost towns abound across the world but seldom are they more intriguing than in western United States, where former mining towns played host to the pioneers of their day. Other towns grew up around the railroad, as civilisation gradually spread from the eastern seaboard to the Wild West. Reasons for their abandonments are wide and varied, from the inherent lawlessness of the era to the depletion of natural resources. Whatever the reasons, ghost towns provide a fascinating glance into our history.

  • Derelict: Manchester Mayfield Railway Station

    Derelict: Manchester Mayfield Railway Station

    Railways became an fundamental means of transport following the Industrial Revolution and played a major role in the expanding British Empire. Victorian pioneers like Isambard Kingdom Brunel were instrumental in ensuring their development and before long, railways began to connect distant corners of the world.



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