The 16th Century Ruins of Thorpe Hall, South Yorkshire

The ruins of Thorpe Hall stand in the village of Thorpe Salvin, South Yorkshire. (Image: John Topping. The ruins of Thorpe Hall in South Yorkshire)

Rising ominously above the attractive South Yorkshire village of Thorpe Salvin, the 16th century ruins of Thorpe Hall stand on the site of an older manor house long since lost to history.

Thorpe Hall (Image: h v green)

According to the village’s Wikipedia page, the extant structure was built in 1570 by Robert Smythson, and later sold to an Edward Osborne more than 60 years later. Thorpe Hall remained the Osborne family home until Edward’s descendent Thomas, having become Duke of Leeds, relocated to Kiveton Park. Thereafter Thorpe Hall was abandoned and fell into disrepair.

(Image: Richard Croft)

A decade or so before the advent of the Victorian era, the ruin was partially demolished. Only its Grade II listed southern facade still stands today. The first mansion to occupy the site was the home of Sir Bryan Sandford, a Tudor knight who fought at the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485.

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