Dismantled Gloster Meteor Sections at East Midlands Aeropark

Dismantled Gloster Meteor NF(T)14 WS760. (Image: @planedailymag. Dismantled Gloster Meteor centre section)

Anonymous old military jets are always intriguing, including these dismantled Meteor parts on the edge of East Midlands Aeropark in Leicestershire, UK. The airframe components include centre and rear fuselage sections, and a pair of wings. There was no cockpit section in evidence when this photograph was taken. But according to the aviation-themed Instagram account @planedailymag, another Gloster Meteor cockpit (from airframe WM367) was present under a protective tarpaulin within the museum site. @planedailymag speculated whether the cockpit section would be combined with the other parts (believed to be from Meteor NF(T)14 WS760) to make a complete airframe. Watch this space! It’s fair to say, however, that if a restoration is carried out to the same standards as East Midlands Aeropark’s other exhibits, the result will be impressive!


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