Rediscovering Hampshire’s Wartime History

The rediscovered pundit code letters at the former RAF Beaulieu, Hampshire (Image: Mike Searle. The rediscovered pundit code letters at the former RAF Beaulieu, Hampshire)

Many decades after the guns fall silent and peace is negotiated, it’s intriguing to consider what echoes of war still linger amid the landscape, from ravaged combat theaters to the home front. Last November we featured the once forgotten Beaulieu Letters, which have now been restored to their former glory. In that article, we wrote:

Since the end of the 1950s, the old wartime fighter base RAF Beaulieu has steadily returned to nature, its flat expanse – now administered by the Forestry Commission – a haven for wild ponies and model flying enthusiasts. From above, the ghostly forms of three abandoned runways are still visible and the eastern perimeter taxiway is now a cycle path. But as this airfield, in Hampshire’s New Forest, has slowly returned to heathland, an even older aerodrome across the B3054 road has been partially uncovered by the local community. In doing so, the illusive ‘Beaulieu letters’ have been revealed for the first time in decades.

Click here to discover more about that wartime artefact.


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