The Locarno Ballroom on Slateford Road (Edinburgh)

The Locarno ballroom and music hall on Slateford Road in Edinburgh, Scotland. (Image: Thomas Nugent. The former Locarno ballroom on Slateford Road)

Its original purpose as one of Edinburgh‘s many dance halls may be a thing of the past, but The Locarno ballroom on Slateford Road survives today as a pool and snooker club. Though rather faded in its elegance, the building’s stone facade is an unmissable landmark amid the area’s traditional Victorian tenements, beckoning passers-by (even those of us too young to remember the popular music halls of the early-mid 20th century) to cast our minds back in time.

The Locarno, Slateford Road. (Image: Thomas Nugent)

One contributor to the EdinPhoto website writes: “I’m sure that the dance hall in Slateford Road was called ‘The Locarno’. It was built above a garage and a terrace of shops, the most westward of which was a chip shop… The street frontage was of a glossy black glass-like material. I think, too, that there was a pool hall in the upper premises.”

Another adds: “The Locarno in Slateford was… a popular place. It changed its name to Paulenas at one time, then back to Locarno.”


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