Ruined Windmills Near Alcantarilha Salt Marshes (Algarve)

Ruined windmills around the Alcantarilha salt marshes, Portugal. (Image: Kolforn, cc-sa-4.0. Ruined windmills around the Alcantarilha salt marshes)

In a world increasingly focused on renewable energy, where modern wind farms and turbines are rapidly appearing on the landscapes of many nations, there’s a certain irony to those broken down, abandoned windmills of old, as well as a gentle charm often absent from industrial ruins.

The derelict windmills and grain stores are near Armação de Pêra in the Algarve region of Portugal. (Images: Kolforn 1, 2). The derelict windmills are near Armação de Pêra in the Algarve region)

We’ve examined a series of abandoned mills, turbines and windpumps across the world in a previous feature (see here). The ruined windmills seen in this article, however, are all located around the village of Pêra, in Portugal’s picturesque Algarve region.

(Images: Kolforn 1, 2)

According to the photographer, the ruins are located east of the Alcantarilha salt marshes and close to the popular tourist destination of Armação de Pêra. But the serene countryside in which the crumbling windmills stand is a far cry from the bustling seaside resorts nearby.

(Images: Kolforn 1, 2)

Rich in vegetation, the verdant salt marshes are a haven for waterfowl and other wildlife. Dotted around and about, the forgotten ruins of abandoned industry seem to compliment the landscape rather than detract from it.

(Image: Kolforn)

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