A “Hidden Pool” Near Creeton, Lincolnshire

Could this "hidden pool" near Creeton in Lincolnshire be a WW2 bomb crater? (Image: Bob Harvey. A “hidden pool” near Creeton in Lincolnshire)

Those familiar with Ordnance Survey maps will know that they are incredibly accurate, sometimes going as far as to detail a lone tree on the British landscape. So I took notice when I saw this photograph on the Geograph website, labelled “hidden pool”. The photographer’s caption reads: “Hidden among a small covert at the field’s junctions this little pool does not appear on the Ordnance Survey sheets.”

So what could it be? Perhaps nothing; just an oversized puddle in the trees near the Lincolnshire hamlet of Creeton. But its appearance got me thinking of an article we ran last month highlighting the World War Two bomb craters on the moors above Greenock, Scotland. At first glance, the farmland of rural Lincolnshire may not seem like the most likely target for German bombers. But, then again, Lincolnshire wasn’t known as “Bomber County” for nothing. As with other parts of eastern England, Lincolnshire and the surrounding area was home to dozens of operational airfields belonging to RAF Bomber Command.

A quick glance at the map reveals the remains of RAF North Witham several miles to the west. Nearby, down the A1 road and just over the Rutland boundary, is the former RAF Cottesmore, now a British Army base called Kendrew Barracks. So could the above image have a wartime connection? Or is it just … a “hidden pool”?

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