Prankster Erects Fake Residents-Only Parking Signs (Bath)

Fake residents-only parking signs have appeared in Sion Hill, Bath. (Image: Google Street View. Fake residents-only parking signs have appeared in Sion Hill)

A prankster (or perhaps a frustrated local) has put up fake parking signs in a bid to deter non-residents from leaving their cars in the Sion Hill area of Bath, Somerset.

The Telegraph reported how the “vigilante” left homeowners and council bosses “scratching their heads” about where the signs came from. The fake installations state the area lies in Residents Parking Zone F. But according to the newspaper there is no Zone F under the Bath and North East Somerset Council parking scheme.

Sion Hill is popular with university students and those looking to avoid city centre parking charges. Bath and North East Somerset Council now plan to remove some 18 fake signs spread over two different streets. Fake signs like these are understood to be legal to manufacture but illegal to erect.

A council spokesman said: “Only the highways authority is authorised to place signage and restrictions on the highway, in accordance with the appropriate regulations and with public consultation.” But at least one resident was thrilled by the new additions: “Long may it continue”, he said.

Another local added: “I’ve seen them, but I’m not sure where they came from. They weren’t put up during the day. Whether there’s a bit of Banksy going on at night time I don’t know.”

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Before You Go!

While searching for an image to illustrate this article, we stumbled across this piece of ’80s retro from the Seattle Municiple Archives in Washington state, USA, showing a couple of gulls circling over Zone 3:

Seattle Zone 3 parking permit from 1983.


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