Historic Nothe Fort Inclined Tramway, Weymouth

The Nothe Fort inclined tramway at Weymouth, Dorset. (Image: Neil Owen. The Nothe Fort inclined tramway in Dorset, South West England)

Situated on the Nothe Peninsula in Weymouth, Dorset, Nothe Fort is a coastal defensive structure built between 1860 and 1872 by 26 Company Royal Engineers in a bid to protect the Royal Navy base at Portland Harbour. When the fortification was abandoned by the military in 1956, the local council soon took over and turned it into a museum. The fort stands adjacent to Nothe Gardens.

(Image: Neil Owen)

Fans of vintage transportation and little-known railways will find the inclined tramway especially interesting. Built around 1860, the wrought-iron plate rails straddle three flights of steps. Trolleys equipped with double-flange wheels were used to transport ammunition and other stores from the quayside to Nothe Fort.

(Image: Steinsky. The fortification seen from the harbour)

In October 1978 Nothe Fort, the inclined tramway and a large searchlight battery on the Nothe Peninsula were classed as Scheduled Ancient Monuments, receiving tens of thousands of visitors each year.

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