The Lonely Ruins of North America Farm Above Langsett Reservoir (South Yorkshire)

The haunting ruins of North America farm above Langsett Reservoir near Upper Midhope,, South Yorkshire (Image: Expresso Addict. The haunting ruins of North America farm, South Yorkshire)

High on the wild hillside overlooking Langsett Reservoir in South Yorkshire, England, are the lonely ruins of an old farmstead with a distinctly New World name. North America was one of six farms abandoned in the early 20th century when the area was depopulated in a bid to improve the water purity of the reservoir. The last farming family moved on around 1907. Nearby Brookhouse farm was also vacated around this time and the structures were used for target practice during World War Two.

(Image: Dave Pickersgill)

Langsett Reservoir was built between 1898 and 1904 between the remote villages of Langsett and Upper Midhope on the edge of the Peak District National Park. At around a mile in length, the reservoir is fed by the River Porter and supplies water to Sheffield and Barnsley.

(Image: Neil Theasby)

The lonely ruins of North America farm lie to the south-west of the reservoir. The moors above Langsett and Upper Midhope are rich in military history. We’ve featured the disused Army tank range before, and the remains of North America farm still show the scars of small arms fire from decades passed.

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