Uncover the Remnants of Sheffield’s Crimean War Memorial (Addy Street)

Remains of granite column from Sheffield's Crimean War Memorial in Addy Street, Upperthorpe (Image: Google Street View. Remains of Crimean War Memorial column in Addy Street)

In a small park, adjacent to Addy Street in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, lies a series of cylindrical stone blocks whose presence seems at odds with the modern housing development that surrounds it. Indeed, this oddity is the remains of a grand column that, many assumed, had disappeared from the Sheffield street scene decades ago. The column was part of the city’s Crimean War Memorial, and supported a statue of Queen Victoria that has itself languished in a council storage facility since 2004.

The impressive memorial, which depicts Victoria as the personification of the mythological Victory, first stood at Moorhead, in Sheffield city centre. It was built in 1857 by a public subscription of £1,400 to commemorate those who fell during the bloody Crimean War of 1854 to 1856. Florence Nightingale, the prominent English social reformer and founder of modern nursing, was among the donors.

Addy Street oddity from above. (Image: Google Earth)

But as Sheffield underwent major redevelopment in the decades after World War Two, the changing face of Moorhead saw the monument dismantled and removed, its constituent parts relocated or – perhaps – even disposed of. A 2015 letter to the editor of the Star newspaper asked where the missing sections of Sheffield’s Crimean War Memorial had gone. Meanwhile, some contributors to this passionate thread on the local history forum suggest that, not only should the statue reemerge from storage, it should also be restored to its former glory.

(Image: Google Street View)

In the meantime, the surviving sections of the grand 18-foot-high column can be found on Addy Street in the Upperthorpe area of Sheffield, near the Ponderosa. Before that, the Aberdeen granite drums formed an unusual playground in nearby Hammond Street.

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