Hunters Point: Abandoned San Francisco Naval Shipyard Building

An abandoned building in the former San Francisco Naval Shipyard at Hunters Point. (Image: Dllu. Abandoned building at former San Francisco Naval Shipyard)

The San Francisco Naval Shipyard, which occupied 638 acres of waterfront at Hunters Point in the southeast of the city, was built in 1870 and closed permanently in 1994. Since that time large swaths of the former US Navy facility have been decontaminated as part of a superfund cleanup operation and sold to the private sector. Some of these land parcels are now under redevelopment as condominiums. But in other corners of the historic shipyard, which was purchased by the Navy in 1940, just one year before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, original buildings linger on in varying states of disrepair and decay. The derelict leviathan of a structure pictured above (in October 2016) echoes the history of this stretch of the Hunters Point waterfront and its long association with the US military’s San Francisco Naval Shipyard.

Dry dock 4 at San Francisco Naval Shipyard (Image: Sanfranman59. Dry dock 4 at San Francisco Naval Shipyard, 2012 )

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