Winston Churchill’s Half-Smoked Cigar Sells for $12,000

Winston Churchill's half-smoked cigar has sold for $12,000 (Image: German Federal Archives. Winston Churchill’s half-smoked cigar has sold for $12,000)

A half-finished cigar might not seem like the most likely lot to sell for more than $12,000 (£9,000) at auction. But this cigar was smoked by UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill on a visit to Paris in 1947.

The personalised La Corona cigar from Havana, Cuba, was found at Le Bourget Airport by a British airman named Corporal William Alan Turner. Cpl Turner kept the cigar, which is boasts Churchill’s name on the label.

The Independent reported: “Also included in the online auction was a photo signed by the prime minister that shows him with the cigar in his hand at the airport.”

Winston Churchill was a well-known cigar aficionado and was rarely seen without one during the Second World War. He was also an enthusiastic drinker, once rounding off a 21 hour marathon debate in the House of Commons with a breakfast of sausage, eggs and bacon, followed by a whisky and soda “and the inevitable cigar.”

He was 76-years-old at the time.


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