Ironbound Stadium: Abandoned Football Arena Finally Refurbished

New lease on life for abandoned Ironbound Stadium in Newark, New Jersey (Image: Rachel Fawn via Untapped Cities. Ironbound Stadium in Newark, New Jersey)

Our friends at Untapped Cities recently featured the long-abandoned Ironbound Stadium, which has been closed since 1987 and is now undergoing a major refurbishment. Check out the full video below.

From the website: “Located on 26 Saint Charles Street in Newark, New Jersey, the football arena had fallen to a state of decay, until city officials, in partnership with chemicals company Celanese, agreed on terms to clean up the contaminated site in 2015.”

Ironbound Stadium in Newark, New Jersey (Image: Rachel Fawn via Untapped Cities)

“The decision came nearly 30 years after the field was shut down in 1987, when toxic levels of PCBs and other chemicals were discovered by workers at the corner of St. Charles Street and Rome Street in the early 1980’s.”

The terraces of Ironbound football stadium in NJ (Image: Rachel Fawn via Untapped Cities)

Visit Untapped Cities to find out more, and be sure to check out our roundup of abandoned sports arenas and forgotten rugby grounds.


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