Ropoto: A Sinking Ghost Town in Greece

The sinking ghost town of Ropoto, Greece (Image: Greek Reporter/YouTube. The sinking ghost town of Ropoto, Greece)

The area around what’s left of Ropoto, Greece is breathtakingly beautiful. It’s not hard to see why the 300 or so families who once lived in the small town would have chosen to spend their lives in that place. But in 2012, it all changed.

The Greek Reporter aired a documentary on Ropoto four years after the tragedy that changed its landscape forever. It all began on April 12, 2012, with a landslide of epic proportions. The cataclysm wiped out many of the town’s buildings, leaving others completely uninhabitable.

For those that lived there, it had been only a matter of time. Cracks in the land had been appearing since the 1960s, but the building permits kept coming. New structures were built, and families kept moving there.

The first landslide was followed by others, and the remaining buildings have continued to sink. Those who remember the now ghost town of Ropoto in its heyday – and those who were forced to flee – still hold on to hope that their town can be rebuilt, but lament that aid has been scarce since the natural disaster.

The ruins of Ropoto in Greece. (Image: Greek Reporter/YouTube)

For now, though, the abandoned village that was home to some 300 families continues to sink into the surrounding earth. According to the video, those who had been displaced by the landslide were still required to pay property taxes, though the prospect of ever returning to their homes is a slim one.

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