The Overgrown Ruins of Japan’s Koga Family Land

There’s something undeniably sad about an abandoned amusement park. It’s easy to imagine that they were once the stuff of a family’s dream vacation, filled with the sound of laughter and excitement, perhaps even the odd argument, as families tried to decide what to do first. The above video reveals the ruins of Koga Family Land in Japan.

Abandoned Kansai reports that the park in Shiga Prefecture has stood eerily silent for more than 20 years. Though its remains were mostly demolished in 2008, Koga Family Land was among the most well-documented of Japan’s abandoned amusement parks, for the rather bizarre reason that it sat on a golf course.

Koga Family Land by Abandoned Kansai (Image: Abandoned Kansai via YouTube)

While there were no real security guards, Abandoned Kansai did encounter many keen golfers as they sought to document the ruins, though the park’s remains were by that time virtually non-existent.

It’s unclear exactly when Koga Family Land closed down (details are sketchy), but according to the blog several abandoned buildings remained even after most of the rides and other attractions had been demolished. A shuttered souvenir shop and a restaurant still stand, solitary reminders of long-forgotten cheer.

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