The Chilling Ruins of Hovrinskaya Hospital, Moscow

The brutalist ruins of Hovrinskaya Hospital in Moscow (Image: Tyler Warawa. The brutalist ruins of Hovrinskaya Hospital)

Construction of Moscow’s Hovrinskaya Hospital began in 1980 and halted five years later, leaving behind an unsettling, brutalist shell of what would have been a 1,300-bed hospital. At a glance, it’s easy to imagine how a plethora of creepy tales and urban legends might have emerged from the ruins of the abandoned, unfinished hospital. And indeed they have. But not all of these stories are the stuff of folklore.

Russia! Magazine examined more closely the building, its security, and the determined (but trespassing) “stalkers” who got inside. Legend holds that the hospital was once the home of a satanic cult called ‘The Club of Nimostor’, who had first moved in at some point in the early 1990s.

(Image: Tyler Warawa)

It’s claimed the group was kicked out of the crumbling Hovrinskaya Hospital ruins after a raid by the OMON riot police, and that the confrontation caused considerable damage to the already dilapidated building. Fact is often difficult to separate from folklore here, but those who have seen inside say the walls are covered in graffiti alluding to death and the nefarious Club of Nimostor.

(Image: Tyler Warawa)

While there have been a number of grim experiences – including alleged animal sacrifice, murder and at least one documented suicide – linked to the abandoned Hovrinskaya Hospital, many stories are thought to be exaggerated and “the number of actual recorded deaths in the past two decades remains in the tens,” Russia! Magazine reported in 2015.

But that hasn’t stopped several heartbreaking incidents being confirmed, like the case of a 16-year-old boy who jumped to his death down an elevator shaft. In 2011, a 23-year-old was allegedly bludgeoned to death there, but such reports are few and far between, despite claims by so-called stalkers of running into less-than-savoury characters amid the Moscow ruins.

(Image: Tyler Warawa)

It’s perhaps no surprise, then, that such chilling reports, combined with urban legends that have gripped the unfinished Hovrinskaya Hospital over the years, have inspired filmmakers to produce a Blair Witch style documentary in which a group of Moscow teenagers venture into the abandoned building and (presumably) encounter the dark forces within.

(Image: Tyler Warawa)

According to Russia! Magazine, the project was being directed by (then) 22-year-old Sergei Kuznetsov and produced by Evgeniy Loshak. But that was back in 2015 and details were – and still are – sketchy. The magazine went on to interview one Moscow stalker who claimed to have encountered a “psycho” within the looming concrete structure… Truth, urban myth, or a bit of both, there’s no doubt that the abandoned Hovrinskaya Hospital is a dangerous place that should not be entered.


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