Transforming Abandoned Coal Mines into a Tranquil Eco-Corridor

Topio7 Architects' propose to transform abandoned coal mines into an eco-corridor (Images: Topio7 Architects. Turning abandoned coal mines into an eco-corridor)

We recently featured Topio7’s exciting proposal to transform the abandoned Nikea Cemetery in Athens into an urban park. We thought our readers might appreciate another competition-winning entry from the Greek architecture firm, which aims to create an eco-corridor through a series of defunct lignite mines in the ancient country’s Western Macedonia region.

Eco-corridor in Western Macedonia (Greece) will be created around abandoned coal mines

Despite the area’s heavy industrial activity, its remote landscape has retained its natural beauty. Topio7 plans to use the picturesque setting as the basis for its eco-corridors, facilitating an interaction between people and the natural environment. The surface area spans 188,737 Ha.

ArchDaily writes: “Topio7’s proposal was developed along three thematic axes: ecological enhancement, the water net, and sensitive spatial organization. Conscious of preserving existing natural beauty and views across the area, the design team has recognized and retained transitions within the landscape, from enclosed space to open, and dense planting to sparse.”

According to the website, the architects then “used these transitions as a basis to create public-orientated eco-corridors, each with specific spatial identities. These include the ‘spectacle’s place’ amphitheater embedded in the landscape, a ‘central meadow’ clearing for cultural events and markets, and an athletic park complete with playgrounds and a racing circuit.”

The project, which offers an exciting solution for repurposing abandoned industrial sites, was led by Katerina Andritsou, Panita Karamanea and Thanasis Polyzoidis.

Images by Topio7 Architects. Hat tip: ArchDaily.


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