Tomas Moravec’s Pallet Hack Allows Riders to Surf Tram Rails

Slovakian street artist Tomas Moravec modified the humble wood pallet to surf the tram tracks of Bratislava (Images: Tomas Moravec via Vimeo)

It’s not new (this pallet hack emerged back in 2014) but we like upcycling and thought our readers would appreciate the work of Slovakian street artist Tomas Moravec, who modified this humble wood pallet in order to slide along the tram tracks of his native Bratislava. What’s more, his design is surely timeless.

Pallet © Tomáš Moravec, 2008 from Tomáš Moravec on Vimeo.

It turns out that Bratislava’s narrow one-meter gauge streetcar tracks are ideally suited for a hacked Europallet with four wheels installed (see for yourself on Vimeo). WebUrbanist writes that the pallet hack also works in Antwerp, Basel, Belgrade, Bern, Frankfurt, Helsinki and Zurich, which also feature narrower tram lines.

What’s more, the Europallet is immune to the pitfalls that plague other forms of transport such as bicycles and skateboards when they encounter sunken streetcar rails. Artist Tomas Moravec described his creation as: “A new transport vehicle brings change into the spatial perspective of a passenger in motion and generally changes the life of the city, through which the pallet can run, guided by a map of the city lines.”

Core 77 wrote: “the Slovakian artist has created many performative works of sculpture, installation and video art since he made the Duchamp-meets-Alÿs piece in 2008…”

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