Syracuse, NY: “Bomb” & Nose Art on Euclid Avenue

The bomb art installation on Euclid Avenue in Syracuse, New York. (Images: Urban Ghosts. “Bomb” art installation on Euclid Avenue in Syracuse, New York)

Roadside America is known for its wayside oddities, from abandoned cement mixers turned NASA space capsules and wrecked vehicles turned art installations, to weird mailboxes, mysterious phone booths and much more. There’s even an entire website dedicated to these places. By comparison to many, the oddity above exists in a far more accessible area, namely on Euclid Avenue in Syracuse, New York, a stone’s throw from the university campus.

I stumbled across this interesting installation – which resembles a bomb sporting World War Two nose art – several days ago while heading to Picasso’s Pastries and Cafe at the corner of Westcott and Dell Street, an area with its fair share of student housing. The Euclid “bomb” doesn’t appear on Google Street View, so presumably it’s a recent installation. Either way, it adds a bit of interest as one passes by.


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