Converting Derelict Golf Courses into Solar Panel Farms

Japan's abandoned golf courses set to be converted into solar power plants (Image: Kyocera via Business Insider. Golf courses turned solar panel farms)

Much has been written about Japan’s drive to embrace renewable energy in the wake of the 2011 Fukushima disaster. Last month the Financial Times reported that two new large-scale solar projects were set to be developed in the island nation, while 2016 saw Japanese multinational Kyocera begin work on what was described as “the world’s biggest floating solar farm.”

Japan’s effort to exploit solar power also brought to mind the 2015 proposal, also by Kyocera, that may be of interest to Urban Ghosts readers: namely the conversion of abandoned golf courses into solar farms.

An abandoned golf course in Japan (Image: Kyocera via Business Insider. An abandoned golf course in Japan)

The Independent reported that Japanese participation in the sport was down by 40 per cent, leading many of the golf courses built during the 1980s to be abandoned. Kyocera’s plan to take advantage of their expansive fairways was prompted by a shift away from nuclear power following Fukushima.

The Indy wrote in 2015: “The first 23 megawatt golf course project will launch in 2017 and produce enough power for around 8,000 homes.”

“Planning on an additional solar plant began in January 2014 and is now underway – it will cover approximately 2,000,000m2, accommodate 340,740 Kyocera solar modules, and is expected to generate roughly 99,230MWh annually – enough to power approximately 30,500 households.”


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