Defunct Alsask Radar Dome on Canada’s Alberta-Saskatchewan Border

Decommissioned Alsask Radar Dome in Canada (Image: Google Earth. The defunct RCAF Alsask Radar Dome)

On the agricultural landscape of the Alberta-Saskatchewan border in Canada stands an abandoned early warning system, yet another relic of the Cold War that endures amid the farmland of North America. The RCAF Alsask Radar Dome is located near a village of the same name in a district known as the Rural Municipality of Milton No. 292. What’s more, it’s the last surviving example of its kind and has now been preserved.

Perhaps you’ve noticed it as you drive along Saskatchewan Highway 7 near the village of Alsask. The Alsask Radar Dome is the last surviving structure from a network of Cold War monitoring bases known as the Pine Tree Line (we’ve covered the DEW Line before – click here to find out more).

Abandoned Alsask Radar Dome on the Alberta-Saskatchewan border. (Image: Google Earth)

This saw the US and Canadian governments jointly scanning the skies above North America for a possible Soviet attack. The Pine Tree Line included a number of radar bases spanning roughly the 50th parallel north from the Pacific to Atlantic coastlines.

Construction of the RCAF Alsask Radar Dome commenced in 1961 and the early warning station was operational by 1963. Part of the CFD Alsask radar station, the dome remained in service for almost quarter of a century before being decommissioned in 1987 as the Cold War neared its end game.

Empty for several decades, the Alsask Radar Dome was designated an important historical location in 2002, though due to vandalism a set of entrance stairs have been removed to prevent them gaining entry to the old monitoring facility. Aside from the tell-tale signs of taggers and graffiti artists who’ve visited the remote location, the installation is a long way from the ruined condition of many features before on this website, and appears to be well maintained.



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