Animal Watching: 3D Video Installation Raises Awareness of Habitat Destruction

Animal Watching: a 3D video installation Maizz Visual at Marvin Festival 2017 in Mexico City (Images: Maizz Visual. Animal Watching 3D video installation)

For two and a half hours on the nights of May 18-20, those attending the Marvin Festival 2017 in Mexico City witnessed a video installation that transformed the trees of Parque España into giant 3D animal faces. The intervention, titled Animal Watching, sought to raise awareness of the destruction of species and ecosystems.

Animal Watching was directed by José Morente and Israel Villalobos of Maizz Visual, a Mexico City creative studio which specialises in video art installations and video mapping. The team used a 15,000 lumen video projector and tele-zoom optics to recreate the haunting visages on the leaves of the trees, which were then brought to life through 3D animation software.

The Animal Watching 3D art installation was created to raise awareness of the destruction of animal habitats.

The studio said in a press release: “According to the WWF organization, in the last 42 years, almost half of the wild animals have disappeared due to the serious deterioration of their habitats.” The goal of the Parque España installation was to raise public awareness about this ongoing destruction of animal habitats.

Animal Watching by Maizz Visual was projected onto the trees of Parque España in Mexico City during the Marvin Festival 2017

The seven minute video played on a loop for two and a half hours on the nights of May 18-20. Its compelling 3D animations followed pedestrians with intense eyes as they passed Parque España at the corner of Av Sonora and Oaxaca. Eight different animal faces came and went during the sequence, which used post-production effects to transition between each animation.

According to Maizz Visual: “Animal Watching positively surprised thousands of viewers while, at least, for a brief moment, made the public think about animals with respect and admiration.”

The 3D art installation was directed by José Morente and Israel Villalobos. Maizz Visual has spent three years experimenting with video projection on trees and other vegetation. Its work has featured at events across Mexico, Canada, the USA and Ireland.

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