5 Wrecked Starships from a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Star Wars space junk: a crashed Star Destroyer sinks to the depths (Image: TDSOD; a crashed Star Destroyer sinks to the depths)

With Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi poised for release this coming December (watch the teaser trailer below), we thought we’d look back at some of the most iconic starships from the epic Star Wars saga. And by that we mean concept art depicting crashed, scrapped and otherwise wrecked versions of those awesome spacecraft. These abandoned Star Destroyers, X-Wings and TIE Fighters have definitely seen better days.

The X-Wing Graveyard

The abandoned X-Wing graveyard in a junk yard far, far away (Image: Emmanuel Shiu; the X-Wing graveyard)

In a junk yard far, far away, a corroding collection of X-Wing fighters lie derelict, awaiting recycling. The work of concept artist Emmanuel Shiu, it’s possible that the abandoned X-Wings have been damaged beyond repair in battle, or maybe they’re older models of the iconic Rebel starfighter that have become redundant. Wrecked or simply redundant, the dumped craft are clearly a distressing sight for the lonely R2 unit in the foreground.

Crashed Star Destroyer Hulk in the Desert

A crashed Imperial Star Destroyer lies wrecked in the desert (Image: Agr1on; a downed Star Destroyer)

Watching a giant Star Destroyer slam into the surrounding landscape would be both awesome and terrifying to witness, shaking the ‘earth’ to its very core. This appears to be what’s taken place in the above artwork. The wrecked capital ship of the Imperial fleet has come to rest, listing to port. In the foreground, the burned out carcass of a TIE Fighter lies derelict in the sand.

Downed Imperial TIE Fighter

The burning wreckage of a downed Imperial TIE Fighter (Image: Etienne Beaulieu; a burning TIE Fighter)

This work by Canadian artist Etienne Beaulieu shows the wreck of a downed TIE fighter amid a chilly wintery forest. Flames lick up from the cockpit and one of the hexagonal panels, which has broken away from the main superstructure. The pilot, who seemingly survived the incident, gazes helplessly at the burning Imperial write off.

Another Wrecked Imperial Star Destroyer

Another derelict Star Destroyer sinks into the sand (Image: darthhell; the derelict superstructure of another wrecked Star Destroyer)

Above, another Imperial Star Destroyer lies abandoned in the sand of some distant desert world. The crashed starship’s hull lies almost completely buried. Its battered superstructure, emerging from the sand, is visible from miles around, giving a whole new meaning to ‘space junk’.

Top: It must take an ocean to accommodate the dimensions of a sunken Star Destroyer. As with the RMS Titanic, the crashed starship has broken in two, its bow severed from the main superstructure. In the foreground, the helmet of an Imperial Stormtrooper’s goes down with the ship, sinking to the murky depths, in what would likely become the mother of all wreck dives. If only it were real.



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