Flatland: The Incredible Warped Landscapes of Aydin Büyüktas

(All images by Aydin Büyüktas)

Featured last week by blogger Christopher Jobson on This Is Colossal, these amazing warped landscapes are the work of photographer and digital artist Aydin Büyüktas and his drone. In his mesmerising two-part series titled Flatland and Flatland II, the Turkish artist used a drone to create up to 20 aerial images which were digitally spliced in order to create a sweeping visual with no visible horizon. The series was inspired by the 1884 satirical novella of the same name: Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions.

Aydin Büyüktas was born in Ankara, Turkey, in 1972 and later dropped out of a course in tourism management at Bilkent University in order to pursue his artistic ambitions. According to the artist, Flatland “sets the foundations of a dimension where a space of surprises creates a space that creates suprises. We live in places that most of the times don’t draw our attention, places that transform our memories, places that the artist gives another dimension; where the perceptions that generally crosses our minds will be demolished and new ones will arise.” (Sic).

For more of Aydin’s work, check out his website and Instagram. Hat tip: This Is Colossal.



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