Tom’s Diner: A Ghost of the Hudson Valley

(All images by DJ Philly GEE; abandoned Tom’s Diner in New York)

The mood in this abandoned Tom’s Diner is as blue as the decor. Customers have long since gone, a layer of dust covers the counter, booths stand empty and ugly net curtains echo a different era in interior design. Elsewhere, an old newspaper lies on the floor, its crumpled headline bearing the ominous words: “…devastates Missouri Town”.

Despite these unsettling clues, Tom’s Diner remains hauntingly intact, as if its patrons simply placed their coffee cups on the counter and made their way out for the last time. It’s also not in Missouri, but rather – we understand – in the Hudson Valley area of New York.

Despite the neglect, the gloomy old restaurant remains an architecturally pleasing slice of classic Americana. Wherever this abandoned Tom’s Diner might be, we hope that the coffee once again begins to percolate and its doors reopen.

Until then, we’re left with these atmospheric photographs – and other examples of lost Americana featured on Urban Ghosts.

(All images by DJ Philly GEE)

Strip malls may not be North America’s greatest gift to architecture or lifestyle, but lunch at a traditional diner should be on every visitor’s list.


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