5 Abandoned Microcars, Bubble Cars & Golf Carts

Abandoned Microcars, Bubble Cars & Golf Carts

We’ve documented all manner of vehicle graveyards on this blog to date, from abandoned racing cars to forgotten fire trucks and most things in between. In this article we’re turning our attention to microcars and other tiny vehicles. Older ones are quite collectable while their modern counterparts are economical to run and were built to last. But every now and again they turn up in junkyards, boneyards and the like. Here are four abandoned microcars, bubble cars and even a golf cart in the weeds of a forgotten country club.

Crashed Smartcar

A crashed Smartcar wreck photographed in a scrapyard in 2015 (Image: rustdreamer)

Modern, rugged and often relatively low-mileage vehicles, Smartcars aren’t yet regular fixtures of scrapyards. But for this wreck the breakers was pretty much the only option. The crashed Smartcar was spotted in Cornwall in June 2015. We’ve also seen at least one Smartcar shell turned urban art installation.

Abandoned Bubble Car Graveyard

Abandoned Bubble Car Graveyard (Image: Ady Crowson)

This graveyard of abandoned bubble cars is understood to be located at the Bubblecar Museum in Lincolnshire, UK. Like many museums, this one has a small boneyard of vehicles, likely to serve as parts donors for preserved bubble cars or awaiting their turn for restoration.

Abandoned Microcar: Zagato Zele

Abandoned Microcar: Zagato Zele (Image: Dan Raven – website)

This forgotten Zagato Zele was photographed by urban explorer Dan Raven in an equally decrepit industrial building. Around 500 of the tiny electric microcars were built between 1974 and 1976. You don’t see many nowadays, and doubtless this abandoned microcar would be considered collectable by many.

Abandoned Golf Cart

(Image: ktotakov)

A round of golf may be as popular as ever, yet abandoned golf courses aren’t particularly uncommon either. This old buggy was photographed dumped in the buses of a derelict country club near Brisbane, Australia. It looks as though a quick recharge and sprucing up would see it back on the fairway…

Bonus: Derelict Fiat 600 Multipla City Cars

(Images: Hugh Cardoso)

Not microcars in the true sense of the word, but close enough to warrant an honourable mention in this article – these abandoned Fiat Multipla City Cars were photographed by an urban explorer at an undisclosed location.


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