Abandoned Lavoir Reclaimed by Nature

An abandoned lavoir in France (All images by seblinux78; an abandoned lavoir in France)

The world abounds with beautiful abandoned places slowly returning to nature. This abandoned lavoir in France is but one example featured on this blog alone.

Inside the ruined lavoir

Lavoirs, or wash-houses, were often built over rivers or near natural springs, and ranged in scale from humble platforms to more established buildings.

Architecturally pleasing, the derelict lavoir is one of many across the French countryside and beyond

Some surviving lavoirs are known to date back to the 10th century and a number have been restored. Such buildings were once a common sight across European countries, which borrowed the French name for their own use.

But the advent of modern drainage and piped water supplies brought about the decline of these old wash-houses, and many were ultimately replaced by launderettes.

The abandoned lavoir seen here was clearly a relatively grand affair. An attractive arched window would have allowed for good natural light, and the ruins of the central stone reservoir are still evident amid the weeds.

(All images by seblinux78)


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