Abandoned Land Rovers in the “Indiana Jones Stable”

(Image: Robin DecayFacebook/Instagram; abandoned Land Rovers)

These atmospheric images are the work of Belgium-based urban exploration photographer Robin Decay, who found the abandoned Land Rovers stacked neatly between the walls of two neglected barns. Covered in dead leaves, their canvas hoods torn and tattered, the iconic farm vehicles have clearly been stored for a long time. But their reputation within the urbex community makes them especially enigmatic.

The location of the defunct vehicles is reportedly known to the urban exploration community as the “Indiana Jones Stable”, though the abandoned Land Rovers aren’t thought to have been used in the popular Hollywood franchise. It’s understood that they may once have taken part in an exhibition of some sort. If so, the old vehicles wouldn’t be the first such find in Belgium. These abandoned Tucker Sno-Cats were part of the Belgian/Dutch Antarctic expedition of 1966.

(Image: Robin DecayFacebook/Instagram; the so-called “Indiana Jones Stable”)

Edit: an earlier version of this post incorrectly attributed the ‘Defender’ name to these Land Rovers.


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