Abandoned Children’s Hospital in Prussia

The eerie halls of an abandoned children's hospital in Prussia (All images by Jan Bommes; abandoned children’s hospital)

When urban explorer Jan Bommes visited this abandoned children’s hospital in Prussia, he found a location that had been virtually destroyed by the impact of harsh winters and unrelenting vandals. An eerie atmosphere hangs around the derelict structures, which were built in 1911 to combat an upsurge in infant mortality across Germany.

A forgotten German hospital

Derelict children's hospital

Photographer Bommes, from Kiel, wrote on his blog Arcanum: “The mood was eerie, it was early morning and the high fog made for a weird twilight when I got there.”

He added: “I think this was the most thoroughly destroyed location I have ever been to. There have been various fires more or less recently. The scent of smoke and ashes was still all around. The graffiti “artists” have also left their mark on the buildings. Although in this case I have to say, there were a couple of graffiti that kind of got me.”

Abandoned children's hospital in Germany (All images by Jan Bommes)

Perhaps Bommes is referring to the mural of a sad looking child who stands at the turn of the stair, dagger in hand, looking down as if into oblivion…

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