An Abandoned Masonic Temple

Urbex Photographer Documents an Abandoned Masonic Temple (Image: Dan Raven – website; abandoned masonic temple)

In recent years, largely thanks to the likes of author Dan Brown, freemasonry has become a household name. A fraternal organisation with its roots in the stonemasons’ guilds of old, Freemasonry has been connected by conspiracy theorists to the mythical Illuminati and other so-called secret societies. The truth, of course, is rather more mundane, with a strong emphasis placed on community and charity work through the Masonic Lodge.

Even so, you’d expect interest in the craft to be thriving, given the attention it’s received indirectly over the last decade via Hollywood and numerous books. But that doesn’t appear to be the case with the deserted building in these images, photographed by Dan Raven. The building is believed to be an abandoned masonic temple.

Abandoned organ found inside a derelict masonic chapel (Image: Dan Raven – website; the abandoned organ)

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