5 Hilariously Haunted Websites on the Internet

The most haunted websites on the internet (Image: Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed; haunted websites)

Halloween might be the best time for ghosts and ghouls and goblins, but as far as we’re concerned, stories about haunted houses – and other, more virtual, locations – are fun all year round. Whether you truly believe or take it all with a healthy pinch of salt, there’s no denying that ghost stories can be intriguing. Buzzfeed took a lighthearted look at some of the most haunted websites on the internet. It turns out there are plenty of them. Here’s a sample.

The Toast

If you’re unfamiliar with The Toast, it’s a feminist-oriented blog with a focus on the literary world. It closed in 2016 after a three year run, and while Buzzfeed suggests it’s haunted by the spirit of a minor Victorian novelist conveniently named Hester Spookworthy, the website argues that it’s not haunted at all. It would, however, “…welcome a visit from ghosts.” Spookworthy is said to be a benign presence, who’s determined to have the site renamed The Ghost. Perhaps it would have been fitting to do just that before The Toast shut up shop.

BBC News

Those hunting for haunted websites may not be surprised to hear of this one. There’s a lot of strange stuff on the BBC News pages, but Buzzfeed claims the strangest character of all is the ghost of a Roundhead soldier who stayed behind after the English Civil War. He’s occasionally be heard wandering along on a lonely digital patrol. Readers have experienced chills while trawling the site, though we’re sure this may not have anything to do with ghosts.

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Haunted websites also reach into the realm of celebrity gossip. TMZ is said to be haunted by the sound of quiet weeping, and some readers have, according to Buzzfeed, report feeling chills. Their resident spectre is supposedly the spirit of a former writer who died the day she was due to wed, which is an appropriate backstory for a celebrity site. Apparently, you can get a glimpse of her every day at “the witching hour” (Pacific Standard Time) wandering across one popular article or another.

The Guardian

Buzzfeed writes that The Guardian’s Life & Style section is haunted by the ghost of a long-deceased sub-editor whose wrath is easily kindled by typos and less than stellar articles. It may not be among the most haunted websites on the internet, but this gruff old ghoul will plague those who let their content slip.

Most Haunted Websites: Wikipedia

This one, we think, has a bit more truth to it. According to Buzzfeed, there’s a lot of unexplained activity going on at Wikipedia. Of all the supposedly haunted websites on the internet, this could be the most possessed of them all. Wikipedia’s ghosts are said to number in the thousands. Pages disappear, and whole paragraphs are changed and moved. Fancy that! Readers report a sense that they’re being watched. There’s another Roundhead soldier here, too, supposedly establishing his afterlife alongside a crying seamstress, President Taft, and a pirate. Then there’s “the Pale Man” and a pair of spectral twins with “eerie glowing eyes”.

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