Street Artists Craft Tiny Mouse Shops in Malmö, Sweden

(Image: Anonymouse MMX)

Let’s take a trip up the Øresund to the Swedish city of Malmö, to check out the charming work of a mysterious street art collective. Once a key trading post of the Hanseatic League, it seems that Malmö now plays host to a handful of “tiny businesses” targeted specifically at the city’s mouse population.

The micro-storefronts, which measure around 1 ft by 2 ft, are tucked into basement windows in the Möllevången neighbourhood. They’re the ideal size for mice, and Treehugger writes that “they offer the city’s small scampering residents an irresistible array of mouse delicacies – nuts, cheese, and the likes.”

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The magical mouse shops popping up throughout Malmö are the work of enigmatic street artists Anonymouse MMX. A representative of the group, who unsurprisingly asked to remain anonymous, discussed the heartwarming, offbeat project with the Huffington Post.

“It’s just too darn charming to imagine a world where mice lives parallel to ours but just slightly out of sight,” said the artist. Another told the publication in an email: “They are built of things that we had laying around and also things we collected, like caps, lids from tin cans, matches, buttons, a lamp shade, Italian stamps etc. The idea was to use things mice themselves could have collected and reused.”

ENGLISH BELOW. Invigningen av restaurangen Il Topolino möttes av ett något större tryck än beräknat. Det var kul men lämnade ett visst slitage på lokalerna, så under kvällen valde vi att hålla stängt för lättare renovering. (det kan ha funnits en incident med en kock och dåligt dragna ledningar). Men nu är vi åter på plats igen och välkomnar lagom till frukosten. ###### The grand opening of Il topolino was met with a slightly larger interest than anticipated. Its been good fun by also resulted in a bit of a wear on the inventory, so this afternoon we were forced to shut down temporarely (there might have been an incident with a chef and some loose wiring). Anyways, we’re back again, just in time for breakfast! Cheese out! #anonymouse

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#anonymouse #anonymouse_mmx #Malmö

A photo posted by AnonyMouse (@anonymouse_mmx) on

Find out more on the group’s Instagram.

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