(Image: John Hult)

In addition to creating in-depth features, we’re committed to trawling the web to uncover the most haunting modern ruins across the world. In this article, we’ve featured a series of compelling images of decay, from derelict places well know to the urban exploration community to more obscure abandonments, artfully captured.

The Long-Derelict Bungalow

(Image: Roya Ann Miller)

Abandoned Railroad Bridge at Heceta Beach, USA

(Image: Nathan Anderson)

Abandoned Volkswagen Beetle

(Image: Peter Pryharski)

Rotting Fishing Boat in Port Larros, France

(Image: Iker Urteaga)

Bodie Ghost Town in California, USA

(Image: Eniko Polgar)

Ghost Bike in Cologne, Germany

(Image: Kai Oberhäuser)

Abandoned Boat in South Carolina, USA

(Image: Matthew Smith)

Abandoned Union Pacific Railroad Car in Rhyolite, USA

(Image: Ryan Hafey)

Crumbling Ruins at Rummu, Estonia

(Image: Ivars Krutainis)

The Solheimasandur Aircraft Wreck, Iceland

(Image: Jan Erik Waider)

Demolition of a Derelict Apartment Building

(Image: Matthew Henry)

An Unidentified Abandoned Water Park

(Image: Matthew Henry)

Derelict Treasure Island in San Francisco, USA

(Image: Joseph Barrientos)

An abandoned Control Room

(Image: Caroline Methot)

Abandoned House Beneath the Fells

(Image: Jan Erik Waider)

Abandoned Car in Newcastle, Australia

(Image: Christopher Windus)

Forgotten Brutalism

(Image: Liam Andrew)

Derelict Bus Carcass at San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

(Image: Pablo Garcia Saldaña)

Ruined Cottage

(Image: David Brooks)

Remote Dwelling at Leadville, USA

(Image: Nathan Anderson)

Derelict Gas Station

(Image: Polina Flegontovna)

Wrecked Boat

(Image: Mike Wilson)

The Crystal Mill & Ghost Town in Colorado, USA

(Image: Pedro Lastra)

A Broken Ruin on Isla Holbox, Mexico (Top)