Enjoy the Comforts of Bobby’s Bus Shelter (Shetland)

Bobby's Bus Shelter on the Shetland island of Unst, Scotland (Image: Brian Gillman; Bobby’s Bus Shelter on Unst)

When councils decide that it’s time to remove useful amenities, letters of protest from local residents often have little impact. One refreshing exception, however, is a small bus shelter near the village of Baltasound, on the Scottish island of Unst. Over the years, the humble Shetland structure has become known as Bobby’s Bus Shelter, after local boy Bobby Macaulay, who used to catch the bus to school from here each morning.

TV, sofa and other creature comforts inside Bobby's Bus Shelter on Unst (Image: Anne Burgess)

When the Shetland Islands Council planned to remove the shelter, the 7-year-old Macaulay wrote to them explaining that he kept his bike there during the school day, and asking that it be retained on the A968 road between Belmont and Haroldswick. Not only did the authority oblige, they also furnished it. Henceforth the Unst Bus Shelter became Bobby’s Bus Shelter.

(Image: Marion McCune)

In the years since, Bobby’s Bus Shelter has been periodically redecorated to reflect current events at the time. It received a World Cup theme in 2010 when Bobby headed to South Africa to watch the football tournament. Thanks to other local residents the shelter also sports a TV, sofa and other creature comforts. Whether or not a bus is due, you’re likely to find someone relaxing in Bobby’s Bus Shelter on the quiet Scottish island. (Check it out on Google Street View.)

(Image: Stuart Wilding)

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