The Abandoned Grain Tower Gun Battery, Kent

The Abandoned Grain Tower Gun Battery, Kent (Image: Simon D. Gardner; Kent’s abandoned Grain tower gun battery)

Don’t let the name fool you. Grain tower in Kent has nothing to do with agriculture, and everything to do with destroying enemy ships. A giant abandoned gun emplacement, the tower was built in the mid-19th century near the Isle of Grain to defend the rivers Thames and Medway against French Naval incursions. Rendered obsolete as soon as it was finished, the Grain tower has effectively stood empty ever since – with the exception of some usage during World War Two.

Today, the crumbling fortification is little more than an interesting ruin off the coast of Kent, in South East England. In private hands since 2005, the abandoned Grain battery tower would make for a superb conversion into a house or hotel.

Derelict wartime defences: the abandoned Grain tower gun battery which protected the rivers Thames and Medway in Kent (Image: Simon D. Gardner)

Inside Kent's derelict 19th century Grain tower gun battery (Images: Simon D. Gardner)

(Image: Simon D. Gardner)

(Image: Simon D. Gardner)

Abandoned wartime fortifications on the Isle of Grain (Images: Simon D. Gardner)

If derelict military and defensive structures like the Grain battery tower are your thing, be sure to explore 10 abandoned wartime structures built for the defence of Britain.



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