Giant Haul Trucks Turn to Rust on Old Industrial Site

Giant haul trucks aka rigid dumper trucks abandoned on an industrial site (Image: Darkmandarkophoto/Facebook)

There’s something indomitable about heavy industrial machinery, and the giant haul trucks that serve quarries and open-cast mining operations are no exception. The point of view of this photograph gives the massive machines an almost toy-like feel, just like their tiny Tonka counterparts enjoyed by generations of children. The location is unknown, but the abandoned haul trucks – their seemingly impenetrable tires deflated and corrosion streaking their distinctive yellow bodies – may have been left behind once industrial operations ground to a halt around them.

Haul trucks, which are essentially rigid dump trucks designed for off-road industrial purposes, have been used for decades in large-scale construction and mining operations. The majority use a twin-axle design, and range in size from 40 to 100 tons. Admittedly the author’s knowledge of haul trucks is rather rudimentary. If you happen to know the make and model of the vehicles shown here, please do leave us a note in the comments below.

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