Forgotten MiG-23 in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany

abandoned MiG-23 at the Motor Technica Museum in Bad Oeynhausen (Image: Naska PhotographieFacebook)

This forgotten MiG-23 Flogger is one of several defunct airframes standing quietly in a small compound on the west side of Bad Oeynhausen. Despite its faded camouflage paintwork, the decommissioned twin-seat warplane still bears the code 20-58 and appears to have avoided the unwanted attention of vandals. Still, its location amid the long grass may not bode well for its long term preservation.

The MiG was once an exhibit at the defunct Motor Technica Museum, which closed down in 2007. Since then, the outdoor exhibits have become increasingly overgrown as nature has steadily moved in. The future of this old Eastern Bloc tech remains uncertain. If the shuttered Motor Technica Museum fails to reopen, perhaps they’ll find a home elsewhere – or slowly corrode where they lie until their scrap metal is finally recycled.

abandoned MiG-23 at the Motor Technica Museum in Bad Oeynhausen 2 (Image: Naska PhotographieFacebook)

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