inside the abandoned Church on the Hill 2 (Image: Grégoire Cachemaillewebsite; the abandoned ‘Church on the Hill’)

We’re unsure where exactly it’s located, or by what name it was originally consecrated. But the mysterious ‘Church on the Hill’, photographed by Berlin-based urban explorer and photographer Grégoire Cachemaille certainly makes for an interesting subject.

inside the abandoned Church on the Hill (Image: Grégoire Cachemaillewebsite)

The abandoned church, wherever it may be, appears from the pictures to have avoided the vandalism that blights so many forsaken buildings. But a closer look at its crumbling pillars and broken floor tiles remind us that decay is never far away. What’s more, the grand pipes of the organ have been removed – or ripped out.

inside the abandoned Church on the Hill 3 (Image: Grégoire Cachemaillewebsite)

Like so many abandoned places of worship, what Cachemaille dubbed the Church on the Hill lost its clearly lost its congregation some time ago. What becomes of its neglected structure, however, remains to be seen.

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