Abandoned Lamborghini Diablo: What’s the Story?

what is the real reason behind this apparently abandoned Lamborghini Diablo (Image: Nylon; abandoned Lamborghini Diablo surrounded by goats)

It’s made the rounds of the automotive and motorsport publications and websites. But like other abandoned supercars that have turned up online and spread like wildfire across the blogosphere, the circumstances behind its apparent dumping are hazy. Aside from our understanding that the photograph was taken in October 2011, we know very little about what appears to be an abandoned Lamborghini Diablo, parked in a field and surrounded by grazing goats.

In a production run of just 2,884 Diablos between 1990 and 2001, it seems bizarre that anyone would abandon such an exotic car. Flickr user Nylon – who photographed the abandoned Lamborghini and added the tagline “Lamborghini Diablo Goat Edition” – hasn’t disclosed the unfortunate vehicle’s location, but comments on the page have questioned whether the abandoned supercar could actually be a replica.

HiJinKs Media wrote: “Is that a replica ? If not this is Lamborghini hell in a photo.” The spoiler suggests it was once a white vehicle that has been covered – windows and all – in blue paint. But that’s as far as our guesswork takes us. So, real or replica, what is the story behind this abandoned Lamborghini Diablo?

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