Szoke-Tisza-abandoned (Image: Balázs PapdiFacebook; abandoned riverboat Szoke Tisza in Szeged, Hungary)

Abandoned passenger ships from the golden age of travel, whether they’re enormous ocean liners, opulent cruise ships, or smaller ferries and riverboats, are always evocative and strangely photogenic in their decay. While some have been restored for use as floating hotels – otherwise known as ‘boatels’ – around the world, many more have met the breaker, or rust silently against neglected docks and on forgotten riverbanks.

Szoke-Tisza-abandoned-2 (Image: Balázs PapdiFacebook)

This abandoned riverboat in Hungary is one such example. The graceful paddle steamer symbolises a past epoch in not only river transport, but transport in general, and belongs to a time now largely confined to history. How long it will survive in its current state remains to be seen. We’ve also retro-actively included it in our original feature, which you can browse here.

Abandoned Riverboat Szoke Tisza

Szoke-Tisza-abandoned-3 (Image: Balázs PapdiFacebook)

Beached in the city of Szeged, the abandoned riverboat is understood to be the Szoke Tisza, one of Hungary’s largest and most important river steamers, launched in 1917. Urban Ghosts author Morris M wrote previously: “With the not-so-blue Danube flowing through its capital city and along the length of its borders, the ancient nation was long defined by the river trade. Among the grand boats to tour the nation’s rivers was the Szoke Tisza.

“Long-known as the ‘most Hungarian river’, the Tisza was almost as important as the Danube for trade and navigation. Passing through Szeged, it links the nation to Serbia in the south. It was along here that the Szoke made its living, not so long ago. Locally-famous, the abandoned riverboat is sadly today little more than a wreck.”

Szoke-Tisza-abandoned-4 (Image: Balázs PapdiFacebook)

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