Bizarre Bali: Abandoned Airliner in a Quarry on Bukit Peninsula

Bali is an incredibly beautiful country, full of deep, dense jungles and ancient, sacred places. But like anywhere else, there’s no shortage of strange sites. One unusual example includes a limestone quarry on the Bukit Peninsula that’s home to an unlikely mechanical monument – and was documented by Indonesia-based Skyrial.

Deep in the lush, grass-covered quarry, where the air hangs thick and humid, stands an abandoned airliner, apparently moved there by someone with an outrageously grand plan. According to the local explanation for the oddity, an entrepreneur had once had plans to turn the retired Boeing 737 into a restaurant.

Just one kilometer from Pandawa Beach, the seemingly-abandoned plane, which has been stripped of its markings and logos, would seem to offer a great – or, at least, interesting – location for a restaurant. But even local website isn’t sure what’s going to become of it. Some sources believe that the restaurant might still open, while others say the plans have been shelved.

bali-737 (Image: Skyrial screenshot via YouTube)

As if that isn’t unexpected enough, it turns out that this defunct passenger jet isn’t the only abandoned airliner basking beneath the Indonesian sun. There’s another 737 on the Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai, which stands in an otherwise empty yard next to a Dunkin’ Donuts (here). The story of this aircraft is the same – that it’s a failed restaurant venture. So, we’re not really sure what to make of Bali’s abandoned airliners, save for their obvious offbeat tourism appeal.

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