The Abandoned Sheffield Ski Village After Years Rotting Away Off-Piste

abandoned-sheffield-ski-village-2 (Image: Jim Dee; the abandoned Sheffield Ski Village)

Throughout the postwar years, the great Steel City of Sheffield has embarked on several major construction projects that have failed to stand the test of time. The iconic ‘Hole in the Road’ lasted from 1967 to 1994, while theĀ Don Valley Stadium opened in 1990 for the World Student Games and was demolished in 2014. Perhaps most shameful of all was the ill-conceived Sheffield City Airport, its runway too short to accommodate even small jetliners, which opened in 1997 and closed in 2008 (it’s now poised to be turned into a technology park). But on the other side of the valley, meanwhile, another abandoned Sheffield landmark lies derelict and deserted.

abandoned-sheffield-ski-village (Image: Jim Dee; looking down the derelict ski slope)

When it opened in 1988, Sheffield Ski Village was arguably the most impressive dry ski slope in the United Kingdom. People travelled from far and wide to careen its artificial pistes, and before long the complex had become home to the local Sharks Ski Club, which met on the slopes twice a week.

abandoned-sheffield-ski-village-3 (Images: Jim Dee; collapsed buildings and abandoned infrastructure)

The South Yorkshire complex also featured quad biking, laser tag and a series of state of the art, yet short-lived, ten pin bowling lanes. The bowling alley opened in 2009, but the end came just three years later when the Ski Village’s main building was destroyed by fire.

sheffield-dry-ski-slope-after-fire (Images: Bing Maps; Google Maps; the dry ski slope before and after the fire)

Though the blaze was ruled to have started accidentally in the early hours of April 29, 2012, subsequent fires throughout the year were the result of arson attacks. Over the course of several months, the abandoned ski slope’s infrastructure, from its buildings to its artificial surface, were steadily destroyed, rendering the site practically unusable.

abandoned-sheffield-ski-village-tank (Image: Jim Dee; ex-British Army APC at the abandoned Sheffield Ski Village)

An effort by the Sharks Ski Club to use the facility in May 2012 was stymied by the theft of the lift motors. As a result, the abandoned Sheffield Ski Village was left to rot, quickly falling into complete dereliction and decay. Even during its operational years the neglected access roads offered a poor first impression to visitors. Today, however, the entire place has the feel of a dystopian wasteland.

Incredibly, in 2015, the continually-arsoned site appeared in a video showcasing freestyle skiing and snowboarding on the abandoned slope, which has otherwise remained off-limits amid much uncertainty over its future. Despite a campaign to restore what was once the UK’s premier dry ski slope, the abandoned Sheffield Ski Village’s future looks as bleak as its present.

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