Retro Railways: Urban Explorers Discover Vintage Renault ABJ Railcars

renault-abj-railcar (All images by 4.4.2 Explorations)

In a quiet, off-limits corner of what’s understood to be a small French railway collection, urban explorers came upon the preserved forms of several vintage ABJ railcars, at least one of which sat hidden away┬áin a darkened shed.


Resting on tracks that appear to have forsaken regular use, the colourful locomotives – originally designed by Renault back in the 1930s – look to be in reasonably good condition, featuring intact cabs and vintage red passenger seats.


Clearly candidate for preservations, if not preserved already, the retro railcars are accompanied by a collection of period coaches that reflect a past epoch in French railway history.


The ABJ especially has a wonderful retro-futuristic feel to its design that echoes the bubble cars and microcars (featured previously on Urban Ghosts) of the post-World War Two decades. Be sure to check them out here.

renault-abj-railcar-5 (All images by 4.4.2 Explorations)

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