This is Sparta: Hilarious Road Sign Parodies Epic Movie Moment

this-is-sparta-sign (Image: Anderson Mancini; This is Sparta!)

We’re not entirely sure where the hazard is on this road, though there’s clearly a chance anyone not paying due care and attention may fall, literally, by the wayside. Either way, the local health and safety folks’ road sign lends itself perfectly to a minor and rather amusing alteration, parodying a classic opening scene from the movie 300.

Therein, Leonidas declares in a booming, near earth-shattering voice: “This is Sparta”, before a Persian emissary and his team are duly dispatched to the dark depths of some bottomless pit on the business end of the warrior leader’s sandal.

Needless to say, it isn’t long before all out war kicks off, with an opposition led by a bizarrely blinged-up Xerxes I. The funny road sign, meanwhile, was understood to be located in the Piracaia municipality of Brazil’s Sao Paolo state.

this-is-sparta-sign-2 (Image: Anderson Mancini)

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