An Old Corvette Graveyard in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

corvette-graveyard-nova-scotia (All images by Tom Hiltz; the Nova Scotia Corvette graveyard)

In the woodland of Nova Scotia lies the decaying remnants of a muscle car enthusiast’s dream – rows of seemingly abandoned Corvettes, many of them overgrown, resting amid what has been variously described online as a Corvette graveyard, scrapyard, junkyard and salvage yard.




The discarded vehicles, understood to belong to Blair Moland of Bridgewater, await their ultimate fates in varying states of disrepair. Some appear to have been crashed, and though a handful appear virtually complete, others are little more than shells and chassis.




The forlorn collection serves as parts donors for more active Corvettes. Photographs taken inside the workshop reveal more stripped-out car bodies, parts and panels neatly arranged on shelves until required. On the warehouse floor, meanwhile, repaired and restored vehicles stand poised to roar off into the distance in a cloud of dust and burnt rubber.



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