The Douglas A-4 Skyhawk Hulk at MCAS Beaufort, South Carolina

mcas-beaufort-aircraft-hulks-5 (Image: Jeffrey Stone)

This battered Douglas A-4 Skyhawk is one of several abandoned aircraft hulks in use for ground training purposes in a desolate corner of Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, in South Carolina.

The ailing A-4 stands on its corroding undercarriage alongside or nearby a collection of withdrawn aircraft, including an F-4 Phantom, North American FJ Fury, Grumman C-1 Trader and what looks like the charged shell of an F-18 Hornet in the fire pits.

Read our full article about the MCAS Beaufort hulks here, or view the aircraft graveyard from above in the following images:

mcas-aircraft-graveyard (Image: Bing Maps)

The Beaufort hulks are dispersed around the threshold of a long-disused runway on the far west side of the US Marine Corps base. Google Earth and Bing Maps shows the aircraft positioned differently in different photos, suggesting that, despite their dilapidated condition, they are far from static wrecks.

mcas-aircraft-graveyard-2 (Image: Bing Maps)

While these abandoned aircraft all in an extremely poor state of repair, it seems fair to say that the torched shell of an unfortunate F-18 Hornet is in the most critical condition.

mcas-aircraft-graveyard-4 (Image: Bing Maps)

The old A-4 Skyhawk, meanwhile, stands to the south of the aircraft graveyard alongside the upturned FJ Fury, arranged on its back in a dramatic crash position. With the exception of the torched F-18, these aircraft appear to have been used for battle damage repair (BDR) training, and their end can’t be far away.

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