Demolition of Abandoned Control Tower at RAF Alconbury (VIDEO)

abandoned-control-tower-raf-alconbury-demolition (All images by footlaunch1 via YouTube)

Yesterday we featured the forlorn, abandoned military buildings of RAF Alconbury, a former USAF air base in Cambridgeshire, England. This article reveals video footage (see below), filmed last month, of the Cold War air traffic control tower being demolished. It’s a sad sight for anyone who served at Alconbury over the years or watched its Aggressor Squadron F-5E jets from the other side of the perimeter fence. On a positive note, however, the airfield’s original World War Two watch tower still stands.


The video begins with a mechanical digger removing the cladding from the derelict 1950s control tower. As the thin exterior walls are peeled off, the utilitarian Cold War structure’s internal stairways are revealed to the outside world.


The flimsy outer skin may have proved no match for the heavy machine, but its tough steel frame proves resilient¬†against the excavator’s relentless hydraulic arm.


Slowly, the structure begins to warp and submits to the weight of the digger’s onslaught. As the machine reverses back in a bid to ram the structure time and again, it becomes more and more unstable.


Its fate sealed, the abandoned Cold War control tower collapses forward in a crescendo of dust and debris, as the triumphant digger goes to work on the spoils. (Watch the full video below.)

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