Old Brunei Hostel: Abandoned Singapore Boarding School Left to Nature

old-brunei-hostel-tanglin-hill-abandoned (All images by Brian Jeffery Beggerly)

Featured in our round of up of 10 of the most eerie, in some cases, tragic, abandoned boarding schools across the world, we decided to revisit this intriguing place and include additional images not seen in our previous article.


Nestled on Tanglin Hill amid an affluent part of the dynamic modern city-state of Singapore, Asia’s powerhouse and a major commercial hub, the Old Brunei Hostel is a relic of a different time when the eponymous Nation of Brunei’s fledgling education system meant that a small number of privileged students were sent abroad to study.


The abandoned boarding school, which has also been called Tanglin Brunei Hostel over the years, is understood to date to around 1958, after the Brunei government purchased the land to educate a handful of Brunei’s most talented youngsters.


Old Brunei Hostel, which also accommodated Malaysian students, saw a number of government officials pass through its classrooms under a variety of training schemes.


And despite its location in the Republic of Singapore, this now-abandoned place remained a haven of Brunei culture, unaltered by outside influences.


But by the 1980s when the country’s own homegrown education system had flourished, there seemed little need for government to maintain the Old Brunei Hostel on Tanglin, and the property was abandoned to the elements.



Consumed by lush foliage and completely overtaken by nature, the abandoned boarding school’s ruined buildings make for an eerily compelling sight today. Frequented by filmmakers and local urban explorers – of which Singapore boasts a healthy yet highly subversive scene – the derelict facility is nevertheless strictly off-limits today and overlooked by CCTV.

old-brunei-hostel-tanglin-hill-abandoned-9 (All images by Brian Jeffery Beggerly)

Time will tell what becomes of the historic structures as they slowly crumble amid the grand streets and mansions of Tanglin Hill, not to mention the humid, tropical rainforest climate of the Malay Peninsula.

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